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  A Little History!


Monarch Coin and Security, Inc. was the originator of the coin slide in the U.S. providing many different industries, such as coin laundry, a backbone over the years with a name they can depend on. Our coin slide/coin chutes and other products have been used in many different devices and featured in various ways throughout the years. From coin laundry to vending machines, from player pianos to juke boxes, our coin operated products and security products have been there.    


Throughout our years, Monarch Coin and Security Inc. has been instrumental in developing many different industries. Coin Laundry or Self Service Laundry is one of the areas that over the years we have helped nurture and develop with our coin slides and money boxes. Monarch has been the "grandfather" of the Coin Laundry industry so to speak. Our company created the Modern day coin slide, or coin chute as it has been named, which has ultimately led to coin laundry. When in came to the term "Coin Laundry", Monarch was there.


With conservation of resources more prevalent than ever, coin operated products such as coin operated meters and timers, and coin operated door locks are in high demand. Security is now in higher demand than we have seen it in recent years. Monarch produces locking key rings referred to as Key Kop Locking key rings for industries and businesses where key control is essential. Our company has also been developing many different locking devices such as our Value Vault portable safe for many years. These products have been praised by the security industry, government and military, the locksmith community, as well as corrections, jails and prisons.


We have always worked closely with these industries, dating back to the times when Monarch produced munitions for the war.  Over the years we have developed many different products such as the coin box or money box used for coin laundry. We have also developed coin operated meters and timers for electric, coin operated lighting, coin operated showers and many other products that use coins or tokens. Our coin operated door lock is used as one of the only coin operated bathroom locks on the market. With a growing need to protect facilities, the use of coin operated door locks or coin operated bathroom locks is on the rise.     


We produce a large number of products such as laundry locks, laundry extensions, coin operated pressure washers, coin operated heaters and more products which are used all over the world. Monarch also carries change machines, soap machines (or soap vendors) and many other products that make us one of the leaders in the industry. Our goal is to provide the quality service that as consumers we all have come to expect. 


With our technology developing the coin chute / coin slide, and the Money box (or coin box), our company has been essential for companies developing and expanding their business by allowing their products to be coin operated. Coin operated products have allowed business owners creative ways to earn an income. This technology is used in the gaming industry, laundry industry, vending industry, coin laundry and all industries using coin mechanisms. 


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