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NOTE: Any prices quoted, on the web site or in our catalogue, are subject to change without notice. Please call for current pricing.

Lacking control of the final installation, Monarch offers the following warranty terms. It is Monarch’s intention to accommodate our customers, but we cannot assume unlimited responsibility for our products once they leave our control. These are not stand-alone products but are used in conjunction with other appliances or devices. We cannot be responsible for the rest of the unit or its operation, nor assure that our products have been properly applied.


A certain level of user familiarity with these products and a general knowledge of the industry in which they are used is assumed. This includes the certain knowledge that any determined individual with specialized tools, time, and opportunity may be able to defeat any acceptor, lock or coin box, through the use of carefully crafted slugs, foreign coins, bogus tokens, picks, or brute force. Customers assume the full responsibility of protecting our products from such attacks and the risks for failing to do so.


Monarch products are warranted to the original buyer for a period of one year from date of sale against defects in material or manufacture. (NOTE: Most Monarch products are serialized or dated. Changes to such to such numbers or dates will void warranty. Such claims will not be honored.)This warranty does not cover units which have been inappropriately applied, abused, misused, vandalized, or disassembled by unauthorized persons. This warranty does not extend to other assemblies, electronics or any add-on components by other manufacturers, distributors, or end users. Any alterations, modifications or adjustments by other persons to the product will void any warranty claims. Buyers must be sure that all goods are properly protected from such mistreatment.  Replacement parts are subject to shipping costs.

This warranty extends to furnishing replacement of any part(s) in exchange for those which may have failed. Part(s) will be invoiced when shipped by regular UPS, and credit issued upon return of the failed unit(s) at the customer’s expense, provided examination indicates the part(s) failed within the terms of the warranty, and for proper cause. Monarch assumes no responsibility for service costs or lost revenues. Complete units returned will be reconditioned and returned to the customer, or replaced at the discretion of Monarch.  When a refund or credit is given it will not include the cost of shipping.

Solid state timers are not covered for damage resulting from the application of inappropriate voltage or line surges, nor for any damage resulting from servicing the unit while power is applied.

Coin or token mechanisms as furnished by Monarch are relatively simple, inexpensive mechanical devices, and therefore limited in their sensitivity. Monarch makes every effort to avoid acceptance of undesirable coins or tokens, but provides no warranty that none will ever pass.

Orders are filled based upon information furnished by the customer at time of order. Incomplete information may result in the receipt of incorrect materials. Orders filled incorrectly on our part will be corrected. Orders filled incorrectly due to incorrect or insufficient information at the time the order is placed is the responsibility of the customer. Returns of unaltered units for the convenience of the customer may be subject to a 20% restocking charge. Units altered or used will not be accepted for credit.

ALL returns must have prior approval and must have a RETURNED MATERIALS AUTHORIZATION number on the package. WITHOUT AN RMA NUMBER ON THE PACAKGE YOUR PACKAGE WILL BE SENT BACK AT YOUR EXPENSE! PLEASE CALL FOR AN RMA NUMBER.  No credits will be issued until goods have been received and inspected.

Products may be paid for by Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, or American Express. Sorry but absolutely NO C.O.D. A check with order is acceptable only if you have called for the total charges including shipping charges. All payments must be made in US Dollars. Open accounts may be established for Distributors and OEM’s based on the completion, and satisfactory acceptance of a credit application. In Kentucky, your Application must include your tax exemption certificate. Drop Shipments to points within the Commonwealth of Kentucky will be subject to sales tax, unless a valid Kentucky Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Number is furnished.

Overseas customers will be issued a Proforma Invoice based on your needs. Orders to be paid for by Master Card, Discover Card, Visa, American Express, or a wire transfer may be used, with an added $50.00 to cover banking and documentation fees. This fee will be waived for orders exceeding US $5000.00 (Not including shipping costs)