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Where To Go For Replacement Keys

Monarch would like to be your “One Stop Lock Shop” but there are limitations as to what services we can provide. We are more than happy to supply you with new locks & keys or replacement boxes for your equipment. And we are glad to furnish you replacement keys for our products as you need them in the future.

PH: 800-462-9460
FX: 859-261-4421

HOWEVER, we cannot, and will not, supply replacement keys for competitors locks, nor will our competitors supply our coin box keys to you as well. This is a security issue, and the situation exists for your protection. If you have Greenwald keys, or ESD keys, and you are only wanting to replace a key to a specific code, then you must deal with them or one of their distributors.
As much as we may wish for you to deal with us, in these instances we advise you to call:

Greenwald Industries
PH: 800-221-0982
FX: 860-526-4250

PH: 800-523-1510
FX: 215-643-4623

To replace an existing key you MUST have the code. If your keys are unmarked, you will have to do a record search to see if the code is noted on prior paperwork. Often you may find the original distributor to be the best source of the code.

For security reasons, Monarch does NOT keep an open record on which laundromats bought which keys. To order a key, you must furnish the code. We cannot, and will not, accept orders based on “I need the same key you gave me in 1998.”

Keep in mind that some keys are obsolete and unobtainable under any circumstances. Examples would be older machines with ABT or National Locks or the older tubular UL type of lock with the 7/8″ diameter body. You will need to replace the coin boxes and/or locks in such cases.

Some locks also are proprietary codes belonging to Maytag (start with “ZB”), Speed Queen, Huebsch or Milnor. There are other codes for other manufacturers to which we have no access. We will guide you to an appropriate source if we recognize the code.

If you have older equipment, it may be just as well to start with new locks/coin boxes and get a completely different code. If you need guidance, please feel free to contact us for help. We will do what we can.

Keep in mind that these are NOT your house or car keys. Other than tubular locks, all of the more common locks in the coin laundry industry have restricted pathways and the blanks to cut these keys are not available to locksmiths. Monarch keys in stock may ship quickly, but some of the codes you may need could take several WEEKS to acquire, so it is best to plan accordingly. Some keys may even be made for locks that were made offshore and can take MONTHS.

Also, please note that the model number and serial number bear no relationship to the key code. The codes may not even be the original locks placed in the equipment when it was new, or may have been from even earlier machines and re-used as a cost cutting step. You MUST have the proper code to get a replacement key, or you will be forced to drill your locks and replace them.

Monarch does not supply keys or replacement locks for changers. We suggest you work with Midwest Security Products, in Toledo Ohio, 800-767-6894.