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As to other legalities, many communities banned coin operated restroom locks in the 60’s. Most of the regulations have been rescinded. Again, it is best to check with the local building inspector or other appropriate agency to address any issues. But even where it wasn’t permitted to charge for the use of the facility, it is permissible to control access by means of the token. A service station may hand you a key to the restroom that is chained to a large wooden paddle to assure the key comes back. OR – they can give you a token that allows you in, without you having to return to the counter with the key. This control aspect has become very important in many industries, allowing an operator or employee to at least have face-to-face encounter with those who will be entering the toilets.

We have even had a few instances where the ladies restroom uses one token, while the gentlemen’s uses a different token. It is just a little more control in an age where we must all be aware of who is in our facilities.