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Does the Universal Coin Lock Conform to ADA?

There is no one agency that approves or disapproves a product for ADA. And in the case of the Coin Operated Restroom lock there is more to compliance than the lock itself. If the lock is mounted too high or if the door is an in-swing, without sufficient turning radius for a wheel chair, then the coin op lock is not an issue, the facility itself is in non-compliance. For guidance on the overall compliance issues, consult your local building inspector.

Assuming that all other factors in the bathroom are in compliance, including your installation, then we have done our best to conform to ADA. We have recently changed the outside handle on the lock to offer greater ease of use for those with handicaps. The lock requires very little pressure to open, and the lever is easily swung just matter of few degrees to operate. In addition, our top coin entry conforms with the pertinent aspects of ADA regarding coin mechanisms. That is, the device must not require a tight pinching of the coin or token, it must not require a rotary motion (example: a bubble gum mechanism is not ADA compliance) and must not require more than 5 foot pounds of force to operate. Keep this mind when setting the tension on your door closers too! The final test lies in alternatives. If there is no better alternative, if all practical attempts have been made to comply with the appropriate regulations, then the item is in compliance.